Real Estate Advice



There is some tips should work out in field of real estate if you are seller, buyer, or brokerage of real estate company. We Fine Home Real Estate, to ensure that we are in a better appearance and to be work in the best level, provide this tips which derived from the vocational and practical reality in field of real estate.


The First Advice

Shouldn't exaggerate of the property price because this will not make you win but you will lose your time. 


The Second Advice

Use a Brokerage of a Real Estate Company has a good reputation and experience in this field. The wrong way to market your property will push you to the biggest possible loss, like marketing through a broker not a company or at a cafe because this makes the property known to all mediators, then the show will loss the credibility and this leads to lack of demand for the property because the buyer looks for something rare but the Prevalence of the property in the market makes it not rare for the buyer.


The Third Advice

Use only one broker, don’t use many brokers to market your property because the brokers will give different prices for it, then the show will lose the credibility and this leads to that, the owner will sell the property at the lowest possible price because of the different prices (some prices are high and others are low) and this makes the buyer believe that he can get the property at a price which is lower than any price offered to him.  


The Fourth Advice

There are some owners who don’t want to deal with any brokerage of a real estate company. This is a very big mistake because the companies of real estate marketing have a good experience in the field of real estate and in marketing too, but the owner doesn’t have experience in marketing and this may makes the owner a victim for the professional buyer to deceive and spoil any other offer for the property till he can buy it at the lowest possible price. Real estate companies have experience and are able to save and protect their customers.


Reasons of resort to the brokerage of real estate companies


Experience & knowledge

You don’t need to know everything about the selling and buying process for the property if you appoint a broker of a real estate to do that. As Mr. Henry Ford said (when you use the persons who are clever more than you to do something this means you are clever than them.


Ease the Burden

The broker will receive all calls and visitors instead of the owner. If you are a buyer, the broker will save and help you to reach the safety side, find the best offers and purchase the property at the best possible price without profiteering.


Geographical Knowledge of the Area

Real estate brokerage companies have good knowledge about the area and what you need like the price of the property and can make a comparison between the properties at the same area and guide you to the right way.


Right of Guidance


Brokers can guide the customer to the right choice, if the commission for the broker is 1% and the return for the customer is 99% from the selling and buying process. This 1%for enter into negotiation and find the best price for the customer, thus the customer will be the winner.


Information About the Market Conditions

The real estate brokers have good knowledge about the market conditions which control the selling and buying process.



The broker enjoys a good relationship which is needed in the selling and buying process for the property. The broker knows the good seller and the serious buyer, and he can provide to the customer good information about the people who deal with him and this helps the customer to decide by himself.


Marketing Tools

The broker has a good experience to use the different marketing tools which increase the chances to sell or buy the property, Such as advertising .


Negotiations Skills

Professional real estate companies not only contact the buyer with the seller and conversely, but they are professional and trained to make their customers in the best position and give them the best information to achieve the best deals.