Design And Decor

This company provides a comprehensive set of engineering and technical solutions in the area of design, implementation, furniture and the like characterized by innovation and technical creativity to provide the ultimate solution for internal and external decoration and outfitting needs through a group of decoration specialists who have wide vision and extensive experience and the ability to please the customers and meet their needs and ensure market competence, while maintaining the high quality style and special identity of our business to keep pace with the needs of architectural companies, internal and external companies, project owners, hotels, palaces, villas, and offices.


The name of Fine Home Exhibition and Conference Organization was linked to many specialized international companies. We are working under the best quality criteria and standards in terms of form and content. The company is linked to many designers who are well known in the area of internal and external design, providing thereby every new and innovative design through its own team which is highly qualified and trained to the highest scientific and modern levels to make our environment a beautiful reality to dwell in.