Auctions Services

It is the newest member of the Group that was established in 2010 to satisfy the existent need of the UAE market in particular and the international markets in general and provide integrated auction services, as the Group has been resolved to adopt the idea that the state becomes one of the pioneering countries in the area of international auctions if not the first. The Group is actually building the foundations that ensure the United Emirate’s being a world center for auctions and establish a specialized website on the internet on which such auctions can be carried out through direct display of auction-related 360º video capture in the auction website while providing high level electronic security that enables the participants from all parts of the world to take part in real international public auctions.


Our goal now is to become a regional auction company over the next years. Fine Home Auction Sales seeks to introduce the international standards in the auction services it provides and looks forward to support all public, real estate, commodity, antiques, camels, Arab horses, cars and other goods that would boost the company activity and increase its effectiveness under the supervision of the Judicial Department, the Department of Municipal Affairs, and other government departments and agencies, which would enhance the auctions’ transparency and credibility. Committees comprising specialists and experts will also be formed to assess the intended auctions before the holding date of each auction.