Fine Home International Group Profile

Table of Contents

  Opening Speech of the Sheikh Zayed

  Seminar about the Group

  Message and Vision

  Message from the Chairwoman

  Policy of the Company

  Fine Home International Group Management-Development

      Management Team

  A History of Achievements

  Our Group of Companies

      Fine Home Real Estate LLC

      Fine Home Exhibition and Conference

      Fine Home General Maintenance and Decoration

      Fine Home Auction Sales



Opening Speech of the Sheikh Zayed


“The real wealth is the sincere hard work that benefits humans and their society. Verily work is the perennial and lasting tool and the value-creating basis for the people and the state.”

From the sayings of the late founder of the UAE’s, father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan may he rest in peace

About the Group:

♦     Fine Home International Group was founded in 2004 and has become one of the best groups in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Group has ever since proven to be highly competent in its area and expanded its business by establishing many affiliated companies that meet the needs of the market. The Group had a modest start in 2004 and was composed of the Fine Home for General Maintenance & Decoration which is engaged in real estate and decoration activities by a work team of experts; yet in view of the great development of the UAE market, we opened Fine Home Real Estate LLC Company in 2008 which has now become the nucleus and the main driver of the Group. We have then established Fine Home for Exhibition and Conference Company in 2010, which organizes the most important exhibitions and conferences in UAE involving many governmental and private companies and also opened Fine Home Auction Sales Company at that same year aimed to organize future key public and private auctions in the United Arab Emirates, yet we are looking forward to increase the number of the companies of our group to meet the growing needs of the market.

Message and Vision

♦      Our vision is centered on developing the concept of the real estate market and all the activities of the Group through application of a new concept in completing the circuit of real estate transfer from the first to second party and setting quality, transparency, security standards, legal coverage to secure the rights of all parties and protect them when the engage in real estate transactions in addition to organizing high quality exhibitions and conferences, holding real auctions of high levels of security and integrity, fostering loyalty to the present customers and attracting new ones as a main objective towards making our vision realistic and unquestionable in the market across the United Arab Emirates.

Message from the Chairwoman

     The United Arab Emirates and the whole region are about to witness major social and economic changes. The rapid development the Middle East has witnessed over the past decade and a strategic geographical location as a linking point between Europe, Africa, and Asia has contributed to promoting and supporting its stand at the international area.

     Allah, the Almighty, has bestowed upon us a wise leadership that is able to estimate the ever increasing importance of our region and work on building pillars that will be later on capable of supporting a unified strong country. Our father the H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace, enjoyed deep future insight that enabled him to convert the United Arab Emirates into a strategic center that plays a central role in the development of the Arab World in general.

     Following the successful example of this heritage and Zayed’s pattern of good leadership, H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, May Allah protect him, has led a new course of shifts that would convert the country into a modern and developed model. We, in turn as a national institution that is proud of its belonging to the United Arab Emirates, do strongly contribute to building these foundations towards development of the state and the market with the best possible means and ways and to the fullest extent and for the actualization of the new concept of real estate, conferences, fairs, and auctions, looking forward to establishing our expertise and relations and keeping up with helping our customers to better achieve all what they need.

Policy of the Company

♦      Fine Home International Group believes that its role is not limited to achieving business success and providing services and world-class real estate, but it looks forward to changing the traditional method by which people have for quite long time been considering the purchase of real estate through simplification of such process to ensure that the customer can have full control of his real estate investment. 

♦      While the Group studies the needs of the region’s markets and the opportunities available therein, it bears in mind the necessity to outperform other companies by increasing the capability of its customers to interact with the existing opportunities and the market requirements through provision of the greatest extent of information about financial and banking services and the list of banks ready to provide financing services for various real estate and activities of the Group, with full legal coverage by enabling our customers in terms of time, money, and efforts.

Management Team

     The management team of FHIG has maintained its commitment and adherence to the strategic directives of the Group since it first assumed the management and leadership of the Group back in 2004 and demonstrated a clear vision towards achieving continuous advancement through the major projects undertaken in the course of the Group activities; and in view of the ever increasing numbers of staff working for the Group and the ambitious plans to expand into the region and diversify the Group activities, the management team remains clear in its vision aimed to follow up and increase the Group’s plans while working on ensuring the actualization of continuous success of the Group by adopting an increasing portfolio of business activities in UAE


Muna Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, Chairwoman:


     Ms. Muna Al-Suwaidi is one of the pioneering businesswomen in the region and is one of the key members of the UAE General Women’s Union. She has demonstrated great leadership skills since the beginning of her business career. Being for quite long time the chairwoman and founder of FHIG has been a main cause of the Group and work team success in reaching the best levels in the market in the UAE.


Ashraf Erian, General Manager of the Group:


     Mr. Ashraf Erian the Cofounder of FHIG enjoys extensive experience in the local and regional real estate markets. He has been playing a vital role in bringing the success achieved by the Group in the real estate sector. After establishing Fine Home Real Estate as one of the largest real estate investment companies in the region, he led the company expansion mission in other markets in addition to assuming the supervision of the group activity diversification initiatives and participation to Emiratization and qualification of human staff towards serving and developing the UAE from all aspects.

A History of Achievements

     Fine Home International Group has a management team with extensive and in-depth experience in Real Estate Brokerage, Organizing Exhibitions, Conferences, and Auctions across the UAE as well as in Real Estate Development in Egypt. The Group has successfully realized an astonishing development over the past years although its beginning was modest, which accounts for having adopted a strong vision that focuses on the development of the market in the UAE over the real estate boom witnessed by the state followed by a strategic expansion in other markets that enjoy strong demand and stable a real estate market. Today FHIG is proud of having a portfolio of giant investments across the UAE, Cairo the Egyptian capital and Hurghada.

Our Group of Companies

Fine Home International Group has made great contribution in the development of the Real Estate, Exhibition, Conference, and Auction sectors in UAE , which helped formulate a unique approach in dealing with the regional needs of buyers and investors in the said sectors. Today FHIG is expanding its experiences through innovation of new business ideas that provide the residents of UAE and elsewhere with added value. FHIG is composed of the following companies.


Fine Home Real Estate L.L.C:

    This Company is the nucleus of the Group as it is regarded the main driver in the Group and is responsible for the great success the Group has achieved across the past years, for it has abundant real investments and development projects in UAE and Egypt. Fine Home Real Estate investments are characterized by the modern fashion and the use of state of the art construction technologies and techniques so as to carry out high quality projects proportional to the Company’s size and history in the area of real estate and its investment.

♦     The company has made many achievements thanks to its distinguished work team of high real estate investment expertise that carries out the job based on scientific fundamentals, the market variables and the gap that exists between the demand offer in the real estate market and seeks to bridge the gap so as to reach a point of balance between the demand and the offer in the near future, which is one of the major reasons why the company has succeeded to such a great extent at international level not only in UAE but in Egypt too. Fine Home Real Estate aims to provide innovative ideas so as the company can maintain its pioneering competitive position in the real estate market and compete with other companies. As an example to these ideas, is that we added state of the art high quality imaging techniques providing 360 degrees (Videography - Photography) in addition to direct shooting of photos over the internet by a specialized team. The company, to this end, depends on a highly qualified and skilled work team.


Fine Home Exhibition and Conference:

♦     It is a national Comapny that was established to serve the exhibition and conference field in UAE. The Chairwoman Muna Al-Suwaidi who enjoys a great deal of expertise she gained over more than 15 years of work in the area of exhibition organization, having held many exhibitions in UAE aimed to qualify Emirati families to better their economic conditions and encourage Emirati women to produce homemade products and upgrade their technical level and maintain the ancient heritage of UAE, which would consequently have positive impact on the Emirati community in general.

♦     Besides the extensive experience enjoyed by Muna Al-Suwaidi, Chairwoman, assistance was sought from a group of experts who are competent in the area of exhibition to establish this Company and bring together their exhibition expertise in exhibitions of various objectives, whether they are of social, business, or marketing objectives to add every new technique in the exhibition area thereto as exhibitions are not only a tool to sell or buy a product over the exhibition period, but the main object of exhibitions is dissemination of the cultures of various societies to develop awareness among the Emirati community in particular and the Arab societies in general of the various social cultures, which realizes correlation between the different communities.

♦     The main task of Fine Home Exhibition & Conference is the actualization of the Emirati leadership as an international dynamic hub for business events. These fundamental requirements help us provide our services with distinction and integration. We succeeded to provide such services over the past years through a number of giant exhibitions and conferences comprising many government major companies through a work team that is specialized in organizing exhibitions and conferences.


Fine Home General Maintenance & Decoration:

♦     This company provides a comprehensive set of engineering and technical solutions in the area of design, implementation, furniture and the like characterized by innovation and technical creativity to provide the ultimate solution for internal and external decoration and outfitting needs through a group of decoration specialists who have wide vision and extensive experience and the ability to please the customers and meet their needs and ensure market competence, while maintaining the high quality style and special identity of our business to keep pace with the needs of architectural companies, internal and external companies, project owners, hotels, palaces, villas, and offices.

♦     The name of Fine Home General Maintenance & Decoration was linked to many specialized international companies. We are working under the best quality criteria and standards in terms of form and content. The company is linked to many designers who are well known in the area of internal and external design, providing thereby every new and innovative design through its own team which is highly qualified and trained to the highest scientific and modern levels to make our environment a beautiful reality to dwell in.


Fine Home Auctions Sales:

♦     It is the newest member of the Group that was established in 2010 to satisfy the existent need of the UAE market in particular and the international markets in general and provide integrated auction services, as the Group has been resolved to adopt the idea that the state becomes one of the pioneering countries in the area of international auctions if not the first. The Group is actually building the foundations that ensure the United Emirate’s being a world center for auctions and establish a specialized website on the internet on which such auctions can be carried out through direct display of auction by 360º Videography on the auction website while providing high level electronic security that enables the participants from all parts of the world to take part in real international public auctions.

♦     Our goal now is to become a regional auction company over the next years. Fine Home Auction Sales seeks to introduce the international standards in the auction services it provides and looks forward to support all public, real estate, commodity, antiques, camels, Arab horses, cars and other goods that would boost the company activity and increase its effectiveness under the supervision of the Judicial Department, the Department of Municipal Affairs, and other government departments and agencies, which would enhance the auctions’ transparency and credibility. Committees comprising specialists and experts will also be formed to assess the intended auctions before the holding date of each auction.